Definisi 'peculiar'

English to English
1 One's own; belonging solely or especially to an individual; not possessed by others; of private, personal, or characteristic possession and use; not owned in common or in participation. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

adjective satellite
2 beyond or deviating from the usual or expected Terjemahkan
a curious hybrid accent
her speech has a funny twang
they have some funny ideas about war
had an odd name
the peculiar aromatic odor of cloves
something definitely queer about this town
what a rum fellow
singular behavior
source: wordnet30

3 unique or specific to a person or thing or category Terjemahkan
the particular demands of the job
has a particular preference for Chinese art
a peculiar bond of sympathy between them
an expression peculiar to Canadians
rights peculiar to the rich
the special features of a computer
my own special chair
source: wordnet30

4 markedly different from the usual Terjemahkan
a peculiar hobby of stuffing and mounting bats
a man...feels it a peculiar insult to be taunted with cowardice by a woman
source: wordnet30

5 characteristic of one only; distinctive or special Terjemahkan
the peculiar character of the Government of the U.S.
source: wordnet30

6 That which is peculiar; a sole or exclusive property; a prerogative; a characteristic. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

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