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Definisi 'bald'

English to English
1. Destitute of the natural or common covering on the head or top, as of hair, feathers, foliage, trees, etc.; as, a bald head; a bald oak. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

adjective satellite
2. with no effort to conceal Terjemahkan
a barefaced lie
source: wordnet30

3. lacking hair on all or most of the scalp Terjemahkan
a bald pate|a bald-headed gentleman
source: wordnet30

4. without the natural or usual covering Terjemahkan
a bald spot on the lawn|bare hills
source: wordnet30

5. grow bald; lose hair on one's head Terjemahkan
He is balding already
source: wordnet30

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