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Definisi 'revenge'

English to English
1. action taken in return for an injury or offense Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

2. The act of revenging; vengeance; retaliation; a returning of evil for evil. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

3. take revenge for a perceived wrong Terjemahkan
He wants to avenge the murder of his brother
source: wordnet30

4. To inflict harm in return for, as an injury, insult, etc.; to exact satisfaction for, under a sense of injury; to avenge; -- followed either by the wrong received, or by the person or thing wronged, as the object, or by the reciprocal pronoun as direct object, and a preposition before the wrong done or the wrongdoer. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

5. To take vengeance; -- with Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

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