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Definisi 'acute'

English to English
1. having or experiencing a rapid onset and short but severe course Terjemahkan
acute appendicitis|the acute phase of the illness|acute patients
source: wordnet30

2. of an angle; less than 90 degrees Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

3. Sharp at the end; ending in a sharp point; pointed; -- opposed to blunt or obtuse; as, an acute angle; an acute leaf. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

adjective satellite
4. extremely sharp or intense Terjemahkan
acute pain|felt acute annoyance|intense itching and burning
source: wordnet30

5. having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions Terjemahkan
an acute observer of politics and politicians|incisive comments|icy knifelike reasoning|as sharp and incisive as the stroke of a fang|penetrating insight|frequent penetrative observations
source: wordnet30

6. ending in a sharp point Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

7. of critical importance and consequence Terjemahkan
an acute (or critical) lack of research funds
source: wordnet30

8. a mark (') placed above a vowel to indicate pronunciation Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

9. To give an acute sound to; as, he acutes his rising inflection too much. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

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