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Definisi 'drop'

English to English
1. a shape that is spherical and small Terjemahkan
he studied the shapes of low-viscosity drops|beads of sweat on his forehead
source: wordnet30

2. a small indefinite quantity (especially of a liquid) Terjemahkan
he had a drop too much to drink|a drop of each sample was analyzed|there is not a drop of pity in that man|years afterward, they would pay the blood-money, driblet by driblet
source: wordnet30

3. a sudden sharp decrease in some quantity Terjemahkan
a drop of 57 points on the Dow Jones index|there was a drop in pressure in the pulmonary artery|a dip in prices|when that became known the price of their stock went into free fall
source: wordnet30

4. a steep high face of rock Terjemahkan
he stood on a high cliff overlooking the town|a steep drop
source: wordnet30

5. a predetermined hiding place for the deposit and distribution of illicit goods (such as drugs or stolen property) Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

6. a free and rapid descent by the force of gravity Terjemahkan
it was a miracle that he survived the drop from that height
source: wordnet30

7. a curtain that can be lowered and raised onto a stage from the flies; often used as background scenery Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

8. a central depository where things can be left or picked up Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

9. the act of dropping something Terjemahkan
they expected the drop would be successful
source: wordnet30

10. The quantity of fluid which falls in one small spherical mass; a liquid globule; a minim; hence, also, the smallest easily measured portion of a fluid; a small quantity; as, a drop of water. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

11. let fall to the ground Terjemahkan
Don't drop the dishes
source: wordnet30

12. to fall vertically Terjemahkan
the bombs are dropping on enemy targets
source: wordnet30

13. go down in value Terjemahkan
Stock prices dropped
source: wordnet30

14. fall or descend to a lower place or level Terjemahkan
He sank to his knees
source: wordnet30

15. terminate an association with Terjemahkan
drop him from the Republican ticket
source: wordnet30

16. utter with seeming casualness Terjemahkan
drop a hint|drop names
source: wordnet30

17. stop pursuing or acting Terjemahkan
drop a lawsuit|knock it off!
source: wordnet30

18. leave or unload Terjemahkan
unload the cargo|drop off the passengers at the hotel
source: wordnet30

19. cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow Terjemahkan
strike down a tree|Lightning struck down the hikers
source: wordnet30

20. lose (a game) Terjemahkan
The Giants dropped 11 of their first 13
source: wordnet30

21. pay out Terjemahkan
spend money
source: wordnet30

22. lower the pitch of (musical notes) Terjemahkan
source: wordnet30

23. hang freely Terjemahkan
the ornaments dangled from the tree|The light dropped from the ceiling
source: wordnet30

24. stop associating with Terjemahkan
They dropped her after she had a child out of wedlock
source: wordnet30

25. let or cause to fall in drops Terjemahkan
dribble oil into the mixture
source: wordnet30

26. get rid of Terjemahkan
he shed his image as a pushy boss|shed your clothes
source: wordnet30

27. take (a drug, especially LSD), by mouth Terjemahkan
She dropped acid when she was a teenager
source: wordnet30

28. omit (a letter or syllable) in speaking or writing Terjemahkan
New Englanders drop their post-vocalic r's
source: wordnet30

29. leave undone or leave out Terjemahkan
How could I miss that typo?|The workers on the conveyor belt miss one out of ten
source: wordnet30

30. change from one level to another Terjemahkan
She dropped into army jargon
source: wordnet30

31. fall or sink into a state of exhaustion or death Terjemahkan
shop til you drop
source: wordnet30

32. grow worse Terjemahkan
Her condition deteriorated|Conditions in the slums degenerated|The discussion devolved into a shouting match
source: wordnet30

33. give birth; used for animals Terjemahkan
The cow dropped her calf this morning
source: wordnet30

34. To pour or let fall in drops; to pour in small globules; to distill. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

35. To fall in drops. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

Indonesian to Indonesian
v cak
36. , me·nge·drop v 1 memberikan (dr pejabat, atasan, dsb kpd masyarakat, bawahan, dsb): gubernur telah ~ biaya sebesar 16 juta rupiah untuk pembangunan jembatan itu; 2 mengirimkan atau menempatkan: pemerintah akan ~ 500 orang guru dr Jawa untuk Kalimantan Tengah; pemerintah ~ 1.000 orang transmigran di Sulawesi Selatan; 3 menyediakan; memasarkan: Bulog akan ~ daging untuk keperluan Lebaran;
pe·nge·drop·an n proses, cara, perbuatan mengedrop
source: kbbi3

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