Definisi 'such'

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1 Of that kind; of the like kind; like; resembling; similar; as, we never saw such a day; -- followed by that or as introducing the word or proposition which defines the similarity, or the standard of comparison; as, the books are not such that I can recommend them, or, not such as I can recommend; these apples are not such as those we saw yesterday; give your children such precepts as tend to make them better. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

adjective satellite
2 of so extreme a degree or extent Terjemahkan
such weeping
so much weeping
such a help
such grief
never dreamed of such beauty
source: wordnet30

3 to so extreme a degree Terjemahkan
he is such a baby
Such rich people!
source: wordnet30

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intensifier, intensive, much,

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