Definisi 'unruly'

English to English
1 Not submissive to rule; disregarding restraint; disposed to violate; turbulent; ungovernable; refractory; as, an unruly boy; unruly boy; unruly conduct. Terjemahkan
source: webster1913

adjective satellite
2 noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline Terjemahkan
a boisterous crowd
a social gathering that became rambunctious and out of hand
a robustious group of teenagers
beneath the rumbustious surface of his paintings is sympathy for the vulnerability of ordinary human beings
an unruly class
source: wordnet30

3 unwilling to submit to authority Terjemahkan
unruly teenagers
source: wordnet30

4 of persons Terjemahkan
the little boy's parents think he is spirited, but his teacher finds him unruly
source: wordnet30

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